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*I understand that meeting with me is all about impressions and personality. There is a lot of things about your day to cover, but remember that you may be spending all day with me, so it’s definitely important. So I have answered a few questions that may give you a better idea about me and how I work.


What makes you excited to photograph weddings?

-Seeing the expressions on everyone’s faces during the day. The ceremony, the reaction to reception venue, and how the audience celebrates


What are the factors in a wedding that most affect the quality and quantity of the delivered photos?

-This is a really tough question to answer because it depends on so many factors. With every shot taken you make it your best shot (is this the right angle, is this the best lighting, etc). As for quantity, it all depends on the length of the wedding, how many great photo opportunities there are (ex. time in between the ceremony and reception), and how many the bride and groom want from the day.

Do you offer engagement photos?


-I do offer engagement photo sessions. They are normally taken 9 months prior to your wedding date in case you would like to use them for your save the dates or for photos at the reception. We can either photo on location or in my studio whichever you prefer.

Do you offer payment plans?


-Usually it's required to have 25% payment upfront. Beyond that you can make payments, but everything must be paid in full before the wedding day.

Do you offer refunds?


-It really depends on the circumstances, but I try the best to accommodate. Where it be using your payment towards a different date, or if something happens that you need to cancel completely, I'll try to work with you the best I can.

What do you do for clients who are out of town?


-For client's out of town, I stay in contact with them throughout their planning process right up until the day before the wedding. This is also true for my local clients as well so we can stay on top of things. I will also give vendor suggestions the best I can to help you out too.

What do you do to keep us on schedule on the wedding day? With that, if we get off schedule, how much does it cost for you to stay longer?

-I love taking photos. I could do it all day. To keep you on schedule, I’ll periodically have my eye on the time as well as for the venue coordinator. It costs $250 an hr to stay longer.


Is it ok if other people take photos during the wedding and wedding day?

-It’s great if others want to take photos, but you are the one who is paying me. As long as they aren’t obtrusive, then everything will go well. I love sharing my passion for photography so I’d never have a ban on any of the guests.


Backups (people, cameras, etc.)?

-There may be an option for a 2nd shooter and I always have a backup camera, flash and plenty of batteries to last the day times 2 or 3


When do we get to see the photos?

-I can email you the link to the online album when I am finished editing the photos. For photo sessions turnaround time is usually 2 weeks. Weddings it varies based on workload, but I try to get them out 2-4 weeks later.

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