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About Me

When I was a little kid, I fell in love with photography after my parents gave me a disposable camera to use at camp. After that, I taught film photography to the campers once I became a counselor. This help me decide to become not only a photographer, but also a teacher.


So I went to college for Art Education. I ended up getting my B.A. in Fine Arts and a minor in photography in 2008 from Buffalo State College. I also worked as an assistant for a couple of photographers from then on in NY and Connecticut for a total of about 15 years. I then decided (of course right before covid) go for my own business in February 2020 and Absolute Imagery was born.

I spend most of my days either working as a wedding/portrait photographer (or an accounting assistant) and love every minute of it. For me, what I do is so much more than just a job, it's something I picture myself doing for years to come because it allows me to express myself as well as making sure that peoples’ stories are well documented, and I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else.

I'm also a mom of a 5 year old and I love to spend time with my family in my free time by going to parks, chilling watching Netflix, or going camping and fishing.

Popping Champange
- Wedding photography
- Family photography
- Engagement photography
- Baby photography
- Lifestyle imagery 
- & more
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